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What Do Hotel Furniture Liquidators Do?

When a hotel chain decides to close, or renovate, there are a whole lot of assets to consider. All the old furniture and decor are worth money. And the only way to recoup part of the investment put forth is to find a way to turn furniture into cash.

The average hotel replaces their furniture every five to seven years or less, to stay competitive.

And although after about seven years, a hotel is usually able to write off the cost to upgrade through depreciation, there is no reason that they should waste money on just throwing everything out. Furniture liquidation is an industry that helps to turn assets into tangible cash.

Upgrading Isn’t Cheap, but it is a Necessity

There is a whole lot of competition in the hospitality and hotel industry. So the only way to maintain your competitive edge is by continually upgrading and replacing items that are worn. Since hotels have a high frequency of different guests, wear and tear happen fast. The good news is that redecorating or renovating can be expensive, but if you offset the cost by turning the old into hard cash, you can come out ahead!

Whatever Can’t Be Salvaged – Junk Removal

Not everything that needs to be removed can be salvaged. The junk removal process can be a daunting and overwhelming process too. An all encompassing hotel furniture liquidator should not only be able to carefully remove the existing hotel furniture; they should also both remove and dispose of trash. The key, obviously, is to liquidate as much as possible to recoup costs, but trash removal can also be a heavy expense if not built into the cost of liquidation. So finding a hotel furniture liquidator that does it all is highly critical to save costs, time, and resources.

The Process is Highly Important

The key to upgrading your hotel and not realizing profit loss is to reduce any interruption to your business operations and downtime. And also, to limit inconvenience to guests. A good hotel furniture liquidator can clear most hotel rooms in a single night, which will limit loss. Our goal is to sell as much of the furniture immediately on-site and then we take the rest of the merchandise that doesn’t immediately sell where we can house your inventory and continue to sell it to get you the most possible.
And since most of the hardships of renovating are clean-up, we take care of that too. Also, while removing the furniture we work diligently to do the least amount of damage to walls and rooms as possible. That helps to limit the amount of time necessary for the construction and installation crews to repair and prep the walls for the new furniture installation.

Where We Differ

Furniture liquidation is key to recouping the cost of upgrades or renovations in the hotel industry. But just because the furniture no longer works for your chain, that doesn’t mean it is a total loss. If you liquidate your assets, there is a good chance that you will have very little, to no, profit loss. One hotel’s trash is another one’s treasure, and we know how to convert it to real cash in-pocket.

We are a premium service that understands the importance of quick and smooth operations and limiting any damage to make it easier for renovations to run optimally. After decades in the industry, we have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to make the liquidation process pain-free and highly profitable.

Contact Nationwide FF&E services to discuss how we can help walk your hotel through the furniture liquidation and trash removal process today.

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