Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Distribution Solutions

Warehousing, Fulfillment, and Distribution Solutions

Nationwide FF&E Services with a Local Touch.

From day one of planning and constructing your hotel build or renovation, it is time to think about the design of the finishing touches.

After we successfully design and order the FF&E merchandise you choose, there is a lag time of several weeks, but after that, it all arrives at once. Although having all that you need to complete the project available is a great way to get things done, sorting and storing the items can be a huge headache for any construction team or contractor.

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Climate-Controlled Safeguarded Storage

Our storage facility helps to take away the last minute hurdles of where to store your furniture and fixtures until they can be installed. They arrive in bulk to our warehouse where we go through the rigors of sorting and packaging them so that they are ready and waiting. The rooms are all laid out in our climate-controlled warehouse and when a floor, or even a room, is ready for completion, we go to work getting the last touches installed and done.

After Your Merchandise Reaches our Facility

we go to Work!

Once the FF&E equipment is shipped to our warehouse, we immediately go to work registering each piece and inspecting them to ensure they are received undamaged. Our comprehensive project management platform, it can report any damaged inventory upon receipt and report it immediately. Then, we prepare the item to either return, replace or repair it.

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The FF&E equipment that reaches our warehouse is directly inputted into our system for tracking. After being inputted we are able to provide real-time reports on shortages, overages, and when necessary damages. Our team then uses an identification system so that everything is highly visible for distribution when needed.

Our team of project managers is both trained and experienced, which gives you the additional security of knowing that all steps are taken so your project stays both on time and budget, without you having to micromanage.

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We Offer the Highest Quality Services Throughout the Entire Process

What we offer, and where other FF&E companies get it wrong, is that we keep the room finishings safely stored away so that they aren’t impeding your construction site or taking up room. Our facility keeps your furniture safe, and we take great care to keep it damage and incidence-free. We also help to keep everything organized so that when you are ready for us, things get done quickly and efficiently.

Construction sites are chaotic enough; why leave the safety of your FF&E equipment to chance laying around getting in the way when you don’t have to. We are a comprehensive service that takes your hotel room from design to completion, while also eliminating any limitations of storage in the interim.