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At Nationwide FF&E we have 28 years of experience in the moving industry and understand the hardships of both constructing a new restaurant and renovating an existing one. Our job is to take the guesswork out of the finishing details. And also to provide storage solutions in the interim until your restaurant is ready to decorate. One of our accounts is Applebees


We are a comprehensive FF&E SERVICES company that helps from start to finish in the renovation process. Our team of professionals works closely with your design team to get the FF&E items you choose ordered, delivered, and installed.

Once you choose the merchandise from tables and chairs to bathroom fixtures, we will put the order in so that you can stay on time and budget.

Moving And Storage Companies Charleston SC


The items will typically have a lag time from placing the order to delivery that is several weeks. But when they do arrive, they do so in one large shipment, whether you are ready for them or not. So our warehouse serves as climate-controlled protection to house all your valuables until you are ready for them.

Once they arrive at our warehouse facility, we start sorting through each item, paying special care to make sure they are exactly as ordered and that they arrived in damaged-free, first quality condition. If we inspect and find any flaws, we will reach out to the vendor directly and return it pending replacement.

Moving Services Charleston SC
Moving Companies Charleston SC

As we sort through the merchandise, we carefully categorize and input each piece into our system for easy tracking and inventory purposes. Our warehouse team will also make you aware of any shortages or overages directly, and take care to check with the vendor. Your merchandise will then be packaged in a way that will make the delivery and installation process seamless.

Once you are ready for the finishing touches to be completed, we will deliver your items directly and set up your restaurant for business exactly as you desire. From stove to wallhangings, we take great care to make a good impression on your clientele by paying attention to the little details that mean so much.

Or, Delivery Directly to Your Location

If you would rather have the merchandise delivered directly to the restaurant, we will be there to accept it and follow the same quality standard procedures. All items will be inspected and logged to ensure that there aren’t any damages, overages, or shortages. They will then be logged into the system so they can be easily found and installed.

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The Highest Quality Installation Available in the Industry!

Since we understand that the impression your dining room has on your overall success, we go to great lengths to ensure that all FF&E installation is done with the highest quality craftsmanship possible. We go one step above to make your restaurant look exactly as you want. And also to install it to make sure it lasts for the long-term. We aren’t finished with our job until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.


Our goal at Nationwide FF&E is to put our experience and expertise to use to make your restaurant set-up go as smoothly as possible. We help to foresee the hiccups along the way to getting your restaurant furnished and your doors open. And then seek to eliminate them before they can put a delay in your time schedule or a dent in your budget.

There is no restaurant set up that is either too small not to command our full attention, or too large that we can’t tackle. Our professionally trained staff works to take your restaurant from concept and design to opening your doors for business, and every minute step in between.