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One Stop Shop – How Hotel FF&E Works

Hotels take a lot of abuse from the public, which is why frequently updating and remodeling is critical to make a good impression on your guests. But remodeling your hotel, or even building one, can be a very daunting task.

Hotels take a lot of abuse from the public, which is why frequently updating and remodeling is critical to make a good impression on your guests. But remodeling your hotel, or even building one, can be a very daunting task. Not only do you have to remove the existing hotel fixtures and equipment; you have to do so gently. In doing so, you don’t cause damage to the walls and you can reduce construction time and costs. The best way to move your hotel build or remodel along is to find a hotel FF&E company to take care of hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment, but also someone who has warehousing capabilities, junk removal, and liquidation services.

How Does Hotel FF&E Work?

Hotel FF&E services handle everything from tear down to install. While they care for the fine details, you can focus on the many other tasks that need to get done. The key to getting a hotel remodeled or up and running is to minimize the time that it takes. Successfully going from start to finish means reducing chaos, managing the job to move as quickly as possible, and getting everything finished with the least amount of destruction as possible.

Removal Services

When hiring a hotel FF&E company, it is critical to find a service that has experience in removing existing furniture and equipment. When taking the old decor from hotel rooms, you want to do it with a soft touch, but time is also essential. The company you hire should understand that the less damage they do while taking a room down, the less money and time you have to spend hiring a contractor to repair the damage to walls and ceilings. It is a fine line to walk when you are working hard to get it done as quickly as possible, while also taking great care to remove furniture and fixtures in a non-destructive way. Not only do you want to minimize damage to the walls and ceilings, whatever you can save, can be liquidated for cash if it is still in usable shape.

Receiving Hotel Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

Once you place an order for hotel FF&E, that is just the first step in the process. Someone needs to be available to not only accept the merchandise as it comes in; but also to inspect and log it. Often, things will come damaged, items might be omitted, or you can get the wrong items altogether. A hotel FF&E company should receive all the items as they come in, inspect, and be responsible to reach out to the manufacturer when things aren’t right. Also, to limit time, as the hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment are being received, they should be grouped accordingly, so that when it is time for installation, things will be together and ready to go.


Although you might not want the old furniture and fixtures anymore, they are likely worth something to someone. Sometimes it isn’t that furniture is ruined or not in good shape; it just doesn’t fit with the new “look” that a hotel is trying to achieve. An experienced FF&E company will remove your current decor with a gentle touch, making sure to keep things that are sellable, intact. Then, they will take care of waste removal for the parts that aren’t salvageable and take care of liquidating what is. A remodel is a very expensive process, so trying to recoup whatever you can is the smartest way to reduce costs. Also, the FF&E company should be able to deal with removing all the waste that is no longer usable, and haul it away for you, so that you don’t have to hire another contractor and bear the expense.


There are many times when either you will get items ahead of time or as they are available. You can’t have all sorts of FF&E items cluttering your hotel while guests are still being housed around the construction. Hire an FF&E company that has warehousing capabilities to keep your items, after they sort, group, and inspect, until you are ready for them. If you don’t find a company with warehousing capabilities, your job site can get pretty chaotic, pretty quickly.


The final part of the FF&E company’s job is the actual installation of the new furniture and fixtures. Although remodeling a hotel takes a whole lot of work on a construction crew’s part, the finishing details are what makes the biggest impression on your guests. An FF&E company with experience will know how to not only install as quickly as possible to get your hotel up and running, they will understand the importance of appearance. The fine details of your hotel rooms’ decor are what the guests will remember most. So, although you want to move along as fast as you can, you don’t want to sacrifice quality or attention to detail.

Opening or remodeling a hotel is a very daunting task with many components and pieces. The best way to get your hotel up and running as smoothly, timely, and cost-effective as possible is to hire an FF&E company like Nationwide who knows the ins and outs of FF&E from start to finish. We offer the highest quality FF&E services from tear down to install and everything in-between. Contact us today to discuss how we can get started on your project.

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