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How To Move An Office With Minimal Downtime With The Right FF&E Moving Company

Moving your office from one location to the next is a complex process. The best way to reduce the downtime that can lead to profit loss is with proper pre-move planning. And also to find a company that specializes in the intricacies surrounding whole-office moves. An experienced FF&E moving company will know how to handle your move so that you can limit chaos and get things up and running as quickly as possible. The best way to have a smooth transition is for you and your moving company to go through the following pre-move preparation steps:
Create an Office Relocation Map
A moving map or plan is the best way to minimize disruption and operating downtime. Outline how everything needs to be handled pre-move date. A basic move checklist should have the following steps accounted for:
  • A budget for the move
  • An office move team
  • An experienced moving company that specializes in office moving
  • Notifying IT
  • A floor plan for the new office
  • Disposing of, donating, purchasing, and recycling decisions for the new floor plan
  • Notification made to all vendors, service provides, suppliers and clients of your move
  • A plan to move in, and a schedule of when office operations will be up and running
The action plan that you outline should fit the type of business you are moving. Include specific timelines and deadlines for things to be completed. And any other tasks that need to be done should be accounted for. The more you detail the moving plan; the fewer surprises you will encounter, and the more smoothly the process will go.
Things to Consider
Plan for Contingencies
As anyone who has ever moved before knows; things don’t always go as planned. The more prepared you are for hiccups and hurdles, the easier they will be to get past. Common things to account for are things that are damaged or broken. If repairs are not possible, make sure you have extra in your budget to replace them. It isn’t worth the cost to move and then try to repair. Another tip to consider is to plan your move strategically. Move client meetings appropriately. And try not to take on any additional work right before you move. Also, be highly communicative with your clients so that they understand both that you are moving, and that they know where your new location is.
Checks Guidelines & Rules for Moving Out
If you are in an office complex, make sure that you know what the rules are for moving out. Most complexes have specific timelines and guides that have to be followed when you move. Pass along the moving rules to your moving manager so that you ensure you are compliant. And also to ensure that you aren’t going to get fined by not following the rules carefully. If you aren’t sure if there are rules, be preemptive and contact the building manager.
Label Office Items Appropriately
Once you get to your new location, things will go a whole lot more smoothly if you properly label what items are supposed to go where. Things like desks, IT equipment, and servers should be singled out and labeled since you will need to get them installed immediately upon moving.
Schedule your Office Move During Off-Peak Times
The best way to minimize downtime is to find natural off-peak times and use them. Try to plan your move when you know your company will naturally be least busy. Take stock of seasonal downtime patterns, or when there is a lull in operations, and schedule your move during them.
Let the Experts Handle it!
You aren’t an expert in moving, so hire someone who is. Office movers specialize in office moves for specific reasons like:
  • They have the proper experience to do it
  • They have the required equipment
  • And, they have experts who know how to handle the job
Hiring someone who understands the fragility of your IT equipment will help to reduce the risk of damage. And it will also ensure that things go smoothly and are operating as quickly as possible.
How to Find the Best RR&E Movers
When hiring a moving company, make sure that you ask the right questions and they have the knowledge to handle your office move. Although the cost will be a concern, don’t make it the only one. If you choose a company based on price alone, you can end up spending a whole lot more in downtime and replacement costs for damages. Take the time to research local companies to find one that has an excellent reputation, the right type of expertise, and is in good standing with companies like the Better Business Bureau. The more time you take doing the background check, the better chance you will have that your move will go as well as possible. Moving an office is a highly complex thing. The best way to minimize downtime and the hiccups that can cost you a lot both professionally and monetarily is by hiring an FF&E moving company that specializes in moving whole offices. At Home and Office Movers, we have the expertise, equipment, and know-how to make your transitional phase less of a transition. Contact us today to get your move underway!

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