How Do You Move A Hotel? Hire Expert Hotel Movers With These Tips

Moving an entire hotel is quite an undertaking. When you stop to consider all the things and equipment that need to be moved from beds to kitchenettes to high-tech computers, it can be a daunting task. If you are an owner or a hotel manager who is considering moving to a new location, you must find the right moving company who can handle the complexities and the overwhelming nature of a whole-hotel move! The best way to prepare is to have an action plan and consider all things to reduce the hiccups that can be substantial.

Moving Into Storage?

At some point, most hotel moves require storage for items during times of renovation or inventory updates. If you need storage, plan ahead so that you know that your valuables will be secure, safe, and also to ensure that you have a well-equipped facility that can handle all of your items with care.

Remodeling or new furniture. If you have decided to update with more modern appliances and furniture, you will first have to remove the existing items. And then, you will have to decide if you want to sell or donate them. Some hotels will keep the older items as back-up, others choose to put them into storage until they can find a buyer.

Property relocation. If your hotel is moving to a new location, moving everything is an overwhelming task. Putting things into storage can help to break it up and make things easier. It can also work to lower your transportation costs if you aren’t planning on moving the entire hotel.

Inventory management. Larger hotel changes have an enormous inventory of equipment. Sometimes it makes sense to move items to different branches and then to keep any additional ones in storage in case they are needed later on. Having a detailed inventory of all equipment is the best way to know what you have and where it is all at.

Find a Moving Company That Specializes in Hotel Moving and Storage

It takes a specialized and experienced moving team to handle the enormity of moving an entire hotel. Before you hire anyone, make sure that they have the knowledge, equipment, and staff to make things go as smoothly as possible.

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Look for State-of-the-art Storage Facilities

Your items are not only essential for your operations, they are a significant investment. Make sure to hire a company that has the equipment necessary to keep things safe, secure, and damage-free. And also that they have a storage facility with both the room necessary and the conditions necessary to house your valuable items.

Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

Before you hire any company, make sure to do the background work to ensure that they not only can handle your move, but that they have the reputation to back up their claims of excellence. Online reviews are a great way to gauge the reputation of a moving company. But make sure that you know who is writing the reviews. Sometimes they can be nothing more than paid advertising. And to ensure that a company doesn’t have any claims or poor ratings, check with credible companies like the Better Business Bureau.

Most importantly, ask the right questions when contacting a company. Also, verify the information posted on their website, instead of assuming it is all correct. Next, work with a hospitality logistics company that can offer better pricing. And one who has the resources to handle a hotel move. When speaking with a moving company, make sure that they understand the full scope of your move before you ask them to estimate the job. Of course price is going to be a concern, but it should only be one factor to making your decision of who to hire.

Take the Time to Investigate

The more time you take researching to find a company that has the expertise, experience, and equipment to handle the enormous tasks of moving and storage for a whole-hotel move, the more smooth things will go. Find a company like Home and Officer Movers that can handle the many hiccups and complexities that come with moving a hotel from one location to the next. We have an excellent rating because we can handle any move regardless of size or scope. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming move.

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